Youth arrested for threatening to kill Udaipur MP Mannalal Rawat

The youth who threatened to murder BJP MP Mannalal Rawat from Udaipur, Rajasthan, has been arrested. The police had been searching for the youth after he threatened the MP. At last, he was taken into custody on Friday.

The youth was upset with the MP because of a comment made about the BTP (Bhartiya Tribal Party). He then posted a threatening comment on social media.

Suni Kuni, alias Kunti Bhagora (21), the son of Laxman and a Dhariawad native, was arrested for this crime. The accused is a second-year BSc B.Ed student from Shahpura in Jaipur.

The accused threatened the BJP MP on social media, commenting, “Like Kangana Ranaut, this one will also have to play a game. The public did wrong by making her an MP.” Another comment reads, “Very soon the fight will be done in Udaipur too. Remember Mannalal, very soon your Vadia will be closed. Jai Johar Zindabad.”

Let us inform you that BJP MP Mannalal Rawat spoke with SP Yogesh Goyal on receiving the threat. He directed cyber experts to conduct an investigation. SP Yogesh Goyal stated that the Udaipur MP has quickly increased the search for the suspects in the case.

Minister Babulal Kharari has also received threats. From Udaipur’s Jhadol assembly seat, Babulal Kharari has been elected as an MLA.