When will monsoon arrive in Rajasthan?

The Met Department predicts that the rains will arrive on or after June 25, however, the start of the southwest monsoon in Rajasthan has been delayed by at least one week. The Meteorological Department stated that although pre-monsoon activities have been seen in select areas of the Kota, Ajmer and Bharatpur divisions, the majority of Rajasthan is predicted to have heat conditions till the monsoon season begins.

With a high temperature of 44.8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, Sriganganagar remained to be the hottest place in the state. It was the warmest morning of the season so far in Jaipur on Tuesday, with a low temperature recorded at 33.6 degrees Celsius. In the afternoon, the temperature reached a high of 43 degrees Celsius. The Met Office predicts that the heatwave conditions will continue for the next two days.

The lack of rainfall and rising temperatures have caused water shortages in several parts of the state, resulting in a shortage of drinkable water. Except for two dams in Kota, the Kota Barrage and the Jawahar Sagar, all dams in Rajasthan are running at half capacity or less, increasing the state’s dependence on a good monsoon to replenish the dams.