Violent unrest in Jodhpur over 15-year-old dispute, 43 arrested

In Sursagar Jodhpur, Rajasthan, a violent clash between two communities occurred on Friday over illegal construction on disputed land, leading to the arrest of 43 people.

Tensions rose when a mob from both communities began throwing stones at each other, resulting in an uproar that lasted several hours. Meanwhile, the shop had also been set on fire. In the meantime, Jodhpur police arrived on the scene to control the situation, but they were caught up in the conflict and were attacked with petrol bombs by a violent mob. During the fights, two police officers were injured and a shop and tractor were set on fire. A vehicle was also vandalised.

The police requested backup as they saw the situation was getting out of hand and got it under control. For the time being, the forces are stationed there to stop any violence.

The recent clashes emerged from a 15-year-old agreement between Muslims and Hindus over the land that was being used for illegal construction. But lately, the Muslim side violated the agreement and began work. Following this, the Hindu side opposed the construction. As a result, members of other community began assaulting them with bricks, raising tensions. According to Jodhpur West DCP Rajesh Kumar Yadav, the conflict began over the installation of a gate on the rear of an eidgah near Rajaram Circle in the Soor Sagar region.