Villagers loot a truck loaded with soybean and urad seeds in Dhariyawad

A shocking incident took place in Dhariyavad, Pratapgarh district when people looted a truck of soybean and urad seeds that had arrived for free sowing distribution at Sihand Lamps Bhawan. As soon as the vehicle arrived at Sihand Lamps Bhawan, a crowd of villagers gathered, and they climbed onto the truck and took the sacks of seeds inside.

Lamps manager Premshankar Meena stated that the truck arrived at Sihand in Dhariyavad from Chittorgarh about 10 a.m. today. The truck carried 432 quintals of soybeans and 6.70 quintals of urad. The vehicle carried 1440 30-kg soybean sacks and 17 40-kg bags. During this time, the locals present stormed the vehicle and slowly looted all of the bags from the truck.

“When I tried to stop the villagers along with the truck driver, everyone started beating us. In such a situation, both of us had to run away from there to save our lives. After this, we have registered a case of robbery and assault against the villagers in Dhariyavad police station”, as reported by rajasthan.ndtv. The police are investigating the incident.