Two women died, three injured in a collision between a car and trailer in Fatehpur, Sikar

A deadly road accident happened on Monday in Rolsahabsar village, Fatehpur area of ​​Sikar district. A trolley and a vehicle collided in the afternoon. The accident claimed the lives of two women driving a Swift vehicle. Three more people in the car were injured. Two of them remain in critical condition. Both badly injured people have been transported from Fatehpur to Sikar for treatment. Currently, the police are investigating the matter.

Five members of the same family were reportedly driving from Phalodi to Sikar in a Swift car to meet their child studying in a coaching centre.  Meanwhile, the Swift car crashed with a trolley in front of Rolsahabsar Village’s cafeteria. Two people in the car died on the spot when the Swift crashed with the trolley.

The collision left an 11-year-old child and a woman seriously wounded. The car driver also suffered minor injuries. All of the injured were sent to Fatehpur Hospital for treatment. The child and woman were referred to Sikar due to their serious condition. The police arrived at the spot after receiving information about the incident.

Many people arrived at the scene after receiving the news of the trolley and car crash. Meanwhile, Imran Khan, the son of Fatehpur MLA Hakam Ali, took the bodies of the deceased to the hospital’s morgue in his private car.