Two newborn babies kept in women’s ward died due to heat stroke

Two newborn infants died on Tuesday at the women’s ward of the Government Community Health Center in Suket Nagar, Jhalawar district, Rajasthan, due to heatstroke and hot air from a fan.

The family members believe that the deaths were caused by the hospital administration’s carelessness. After receiving information on the case, instructions were given to set up four coolers in the ward and assign one doctor to 24-hour duty in the hospital. A committee has also been formed for investigation.

As per the report, the hospital management has not made any plans for coolers in the women’s ward. The families claim that just fans have been put in the ward. The hot air flowing from them was the cause of death for the babies admitted to the unit.

Information has surfaced that the three coolers that were earlier kept in the ward have been moved and taken out of the ward. Two babies kept in the ward with fans died due to heat.