Two killed with sharp weapons in land dispute in Kota, 4 detained

Two individuals were murdered in a land dispute on Friday in Kota, Rajasthan. The dead were uncle and nephew. Both passed away after being attacked with sharp weapons during an argument about ancestral property ownership.

The news of the death of two persons in a land dispute sparked an uproar in the area. The police, who arrived after receiving information about the incident, started an investigation. According to reports, seven people have been charged with the double murder case. Four persons have been arrested by the police.

The murder of relatives in a property dispute had been reported from the Sangod police station area in Kota. During a land dispute, uncle and nephew’s relatives assaulted and murdered them with sharp weapons. A group of three brothers brutally murdered two of their own brothers using sharp weapons and an axe. This tragedy resulted in the deaths of both uncle and nephew. Ashok and Ravi Kumawat were uncle and nephew and their bodies were found on the road in Malgawadi village by the residents.

Police officers from the Sangod police station in the Kota district arrived at the scene after getting information about the incident. The police have begun investigating the entire matter. Kota District Rural Superintendent of Police Karan Sharma stated that the family of two brothers has been involved in a land dispute with the family of three real brothers.

The persons who killed the uncle and nephew are suspected of having previously sold their half of the property, and they were claiming their share of the land of the three brothers’ family, who lived in the village and now live in Kota. When two members of the two brothers’ families arrived at the village to plough the land, the three brothers’ families attacked and murdered them with sharp weapons.