Tragic Family Dispute: Man kills niece and nephew, jumps before moving train in Jaipur

A man in Jaipur had been accused of stabbing his niece and one-year-old nephew to death before jumping in front of a speeding train in Jaipur, police said on Thursday.

They stated that he allegedly assaulted his brother’s wife, who is receiving treatment at SMA Hospital.

After getting into a violent disagreement with Shakuntala, the wife of his brother Laxman, Raghuveer Singh allegedly stabbed her with a knife on Wednesday night, according to the police.

Also, they stated that he attacked the couple’s 12-year-old daughter Divyanshi and 1-year-old son Suryapratap.

Shakuntala was receiving treatment at the SMA hospital when she and her kids were taken, where the two kids passed away from their injuries, according to the police.

They further added that Singh reportedly took his own life by jumping in front of a moving train close to Kanakpura after leaving the scene of the incident.

The accused’s brother was allegedly not home when the incident occurred, according to the police.

The brothers were involved in a property dispute, according to the primary investigation, which resulted in Singh’s conversation with Laxman’s wife and the resulting violent outburst, they stated.