Several trains running from Rajasthan cancelled, 3 will run on changed route

West Central Railway has cancelled 16 trains that pass through Rajasthan. Meanwhile, three trains’ paths have been diverted. Due to technical work between the Bina Malkhedi-Mahadevkhedi railway section on the Bhopal Railway Division, the operation of 16 trains from the originating station would be canceled at various times.

Railway officials have stated that various trains will remain cancelled from the originating station between June 17 and July 10, at different times. These trains include the Madar-Kolkata Express, Kolkata-Madar Express, Udaipur-Shalimar – Udaipur Express, Lalgarh-Puri-Lalgarh Express, Santragachi-Ajmer-Santragachi Express, Visakhapatnam-Bhagat Ki Kothi-Visakhapatnam Express, Bhagalpur-Ajmer-Bhagalpur Express, and Durg-Ajmer-Durg Express.

Similarly, the Bhagat Ki Kothi-Tiruchchirapalli Express will take a different route, Kota-Nagda-Saint Hirdaramnagar-Bhopal, instead of its scheduled route, Sogaria-Guna-Bina-Bhopal, when it departs from Bhagat Ki Kothi on June 24, 26, 27, and July 3. The iruchchirapalli – Bhagat Ki Kothi Express, which departs Tiruchchirapalli on 15.06.24, 22.06.24, 29.06.24, and 06.07.24, will take the diverted route Bhopal-Saint Hirdaramnagar-Nagda-Kota instead of the scheduled route Bhopal-Bina-Sogaria. From 04.07.24 to 10.07.24, the Jabalpur-Ajmer Express will depart from Jabalpur on the changed route Bina Malkhedi-Bina-Mahadevkhedi instead of the scheduled route Bina Malkhedi-Mahadevkhedi.

Malkhedi station will not stop at Train No. 12181, the Jabalpur-Ajmer train service, which departs from Jabalpur on June 19 and arrives on July 9. Train No. 20972, Shalimar-Udaipur train service, will not make a stop at Malkhedi station when it departs Shalimar on June 23, June 30 and July 7. Train No. 18573, the Visakhapatnam-Bhagat Ki Kothi train service, will not make a stop at Malkhedi station when it departs Visakhapatnam on June 20, June 27, and July 4.