Seminar by Rajasthan Police highlights importance of forensic science in police work

The Rajasthan Police Academy (RPA) in Jaipur hosted a seminar on ‘The Role of Forensics in Criminal Investigation’ to honour the second day of Rajasthan Police Foundation Day on Thursday.

Director-General of Police (DGP) Utkal Ranjan Sahoo highlighted the significance of forensic science in everyday police operations and investigations.

The DGP stated that, with new criminal laws coming into effect on July 1, the value of forensic science will become even more important.

G K Goswami, founding director of the UP State Institute of Forensics and additional director-general of police in Uttar Pradesh, highlighted the need for fair investigations for fair trials. He stated that the quality of evidence was critical for determining the truth and achieving justice.

With the new criminal laws increasing the importance of forensic science, Goswami predicted a golden age for the field. He also emphasized the significance of forensic experts’ involvement in ensuring fair and correct investigations, as well as the necessity of NABL accreditation for forensic labs.