Rajasthan will get relief from power cuts, first unit of Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant started

After being closed for seven days, the Kalisindh Thermal Power Project unit has now started. There will undoubtedly be some relief from the power crisis once this unit is started. The unit is now back in full production, and production of 1 lakh 44 thousand units has begun. For your information, the first unit of the Kalisindh Thermal Power Project was shut down seven days ago due to a fault in the fan.

Jhalawar’s thermal power project contains two 600 MW units that generate a total of 2 lakh 88 thousand units of electricity. In such a case, the deepening power crisis became worse with a shutdown of the first unit. Jhalawar district, in particular, was not receiving sufficient power and power shortages in rural areas had increased.

It is worth mentioning that the number one unit of Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant has been closed for the past five to six days owing to a technical failure in the PA fan. As a result, the district’s electrical generation dropped by half.

Furthermore, in this blazing heat, power use is 20% higher than on regular days. However, with the generation of 1200 MW of electricity from both units, people would be relieved of power shortages. Many parts of the district are now experiencing unannounced power cuts of one to two hours, but there will be relief soon.