Rajasthan to get massive solar power boost with 4 new projects

The land allocation for four solar projects, which would collectively produce 3,000MW of power and help Rajasthan become self-sufficient in power generation, has been approved by Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma.

To build three solar parks in the Bikaner district with a combined capacity of 2,450MW, the Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company was granted 4,780 hectares of land on Sunday.

Furthermore, NTPC Renewable Energy Limited has been granted 910 hectares of land for a 500 MW solar project in the Phalodi district.

According to the CM, the state will become energy self-sufficient due to these solar projects. “These projects will generate local employment opportunities and impart new impetus to economic activities in the region with easy access and sufficient power supply,” he stated.

Sharma cited the environmental benefits, stating that these efforts will cut annual carbon emissions by almost 200,000 tons. He also added, “These solar parks will employ cutting-edge solar panels and advanced grid technology to augment energy production capacity. They are anticipated to attract investments of around Rs 10,000 crore.”

The projects are set to be wrapped up within two years, with the government giving a 33% subsidy. “The government will form a committee to oversee the progress of the project and to ensure that it meets the timeline of two years. The committee would report to the CMO at regular intervals, and all bottlenecks in the way of development will be resolved on a priority basis,” stated a CMO official.