Rajasthan sees massive footfall of tourists as the state welcomed 5.76 crore visitors

Tourist arrivals increased by 5%, with the state attracting 5.76 crore tourists in the first four months of the current calendar year. Industry experts noted that the arrival estimates are particularly astounding, given the high base of 66% growth in 2023 and over 400% in 2022. In 2023, the number of tourists visiting the state, both local and foreign, would exceed 18 crore.

Surendra Singh Shahpura, senior vice-president of Rajasthan’s Federation of Hospitality and Tourism, stated, “Following the pandemic, tourist visits have experienced a remarkable upsurge. The count has not only surpassed the pre-Covid levels but also reached unprecedented heights.”

The increase in footfalls, according to Shahpura, supports the hopes and trust of the investors who have put millions of crores of rupees into the state’s tourist infrastructure, including hotels and resorts. Although domestic tourists are the primary cause of the increase in visits, foreign travellers are also making a positive contribution to the increasing trend.

In 2019, Rajasthan welcomed 16 lakh foreign visitors before the pandemic. During the pandemic, their numbers fell dramatically. However, in 2023, the number of foreign visitors exceeded the pre-pandemic record of 16 lakh.

“The focus of the Rajasthan Domestic Tourism Mart, scheduled for September this year, is on weddings. The event will broaden the scope of wedding tourism in Rajasthan. Smaller tourist destinations with exquisite heritage hotels will be promoted for weddings. This segment will also contribute to the influx of tourists to the state,” Shahpura added.