Rajasthan man arrested for performing stunts in car

Jhalawar police are continuously taking action against people who create dangerous videos using social media. In this context, action was taken by monitoring social media. Police arrested one of the accused in two different incidents for doing dangerous car stunts, while the search for the other is on.

Regarding the case, CI Chandrajyoti Sharma stated that following the accused youngsters’ viral post on social media, the Kotwali police squad arrested an accused Ismail Chaudhary on Saturday afternoon.

Ismail is accused of creating reels by performing dangerous stunts. The Thar jeep used to make reels was also been recovered from him.

The CI investigating the case stated that in order to perform the stunts, these persons leave the steering wheel of their moving car or bike on the main road and stand on its roof or seat, risking their own lives as well as the lives of common people. This leads to a high number of road accidents. Many individuals can get hurt and many could die as a result. To prevent such situations, the police station identified two drivers on social media and filed a complaint against them.

Kotwali CI Chandrajyoti Sharma also stated that the police are keeping a close eye on people who perform dangerous stunts with vehicles in the district. They are keeping a careful eye on people who share viral videos on social media.