Rajasthan Hospital’s Registration Cancelled After Removing Patient’s Healthy Kidney

A 30-year-old woman was admitted to a private hospital in Jhunjhunu district on May 15th for treatment of her damaged left kidney. After her healthy right kidney was removed, the woman was left battling for her life. The government stepped in after a local language daily revealed on Tuesday about the failed surgery.

When Eid Banu’s health worsened following surgery at Dhankar Hospital in Jhunjhunu, under the care of a specialist named Dr. Sanjay Dhankar, she was sent to the government-run SMS Hospital in Jaipur on May 18.

Sajid Ali, the woman’s cousin, said to TOI, “Eid Banu was admitted to the hospital to treat kidney stones. The doctors advised the removal of the diseased kidney. On May 15, Dr Dhankar and his team removed her right kidney instead of the infected left one. When her condition deteriorated, the hospital referred her to the govt-run SMS Hospital in Jaipur.”

Over the next week, Banu’s health at SMS Hospital improved sufficiently that she received permission for discharge on May 25. However, on Tuesday, she had severe swelling, requiring an emergency hospital stay at a government facility in Bikaner.

SMS Hospital reportedly failed to report Banu’s plight to the authorities, delaying action against Dhankar Hospital until a newspaper report revealed her condition.

Jhunjhunu Collector Chinmayee Gopal stated, “We have seized the patient’s medical records and sealed the hospital.” Shubhra Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Health), stated that the administration has cancelled the private hospital’s registration.