Rajasthan Heatwave: Textile industry to remain closed from 12 noon to 4 pm in Balotra

The extreme heat wave remains in western Rajasthan, including Balotra. The daytime temperature has risen to 48 degrees. The Meteorological Department has also issued a red alert for heatwave over the next three days. Five individuals have died because of the extreme heat during the last two days. Extreme heat has a major effect on those who work under the burning sun or near the factory’s boiler.

In such a case, the Labor Department issued a notice on Thursday evening, directing that special arrangements should be taken to protect workers from heat while scheduling labor in refineries and industrial units. Provide shade, cold water and medical supplies to the workers. Workers should be provided as much relaxation as possible during the peak summer hours, which are in the afternoons. Balotra’s Assistant Labour Commissioner, Ramchandra Gadhvir, issued these instructions after examining the refinery and industrial facility yesterday.

Balotra’s industrial area houses over 700 textile factories, employing workers from nearby states. Many manufacturers use boilers for making textiles. In such cases, the temperature is much more harmful. Balotra Water Pollution Control and Research Trust has made an appeal to all textile unit operators to keep operations closed from 12 noon to 4 p.m., under Labor Department and RICCO guidelines.

A letter was sent to all unit operators informing them of this situation. During this period, instructions were also issued for keeping cold water and medical supplies in textile factories. In the event of a heat-related emergency, the worker should be taken to the hospital right away.