Rajasthan Budget session to start on 3rd or 4th July

Preparations for the Bhajan Lal government’s second assembly session have started. This session will presumably begin on July 3 or 4. The budget will also be presented at the session. The budget session might take roughly a month. At first, the session would last two to three days. The government will most likely submit its budget in the second week of July.

This budget session will not include all 200 MLAs in attendance. Only 195 MLAs will be present for this session since five MLAs have been appointed MPs.  The National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) project has begun, which will make the Vidhan Secretariat paperless. A meeting was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Vidhan Speaker Vasudev Devnani.

“The govt has officially proposed the date of the budget to the Assembly office. The business committee of the state assembly will formally announce the date of the session in consultation with the Governor’s office in the forthcoming days,” said an assembly official.

Speaker Devnani intends to ensure that the budget presentation and following discussions go without disturbance.