Over 100 People Fell After Eating At Wedding In Rajasthan’s Tonk

The health of over 100 persons in Bijwad village, Tonk district, Rajasthan, has worsened. People began vomiting after eating, and several reported stomach aches and diarrhea. As a result, the wedding ceremony fell into chaos. Following that, all of the victims were admitted to the hospital in Kekri district headquarters. Two critical cases were sent to Ajmer. Five patients are currently being treated at Kekri District Hospital. The rest were sent home after receiving the first assistance.

In this case, the police station officer, together with the sub-divisional officer and the tehsildar, went to the wedding ceremony location to inspect the cuisine and take samples. According to reports, a love feast was held in Bijwad village on the day of a wedding ceremony, with many people eating food. However, a few hours later, there was chaos as many people began complaining of vomiting and diarrhea one after the other. Food poisoning was suspected based on reports of many persons becoming unwell at the same time. Following that, the locals admitted all of the affected persons one by one to Kekri Hospital for treatment.

Kaluram Meena, in-charge of the Nasirada police station, arrived at the scene immediately after getting the information and inspected the food products stored in the dining hall at the wedding banquet location. He found that the mawa used for making the dish smelled foul and was fully rotten. This seems to be the cause of so many cases of food poisoning.