Mocked over his viral video, Waste Collector Dies By Suicide In Rajasthan

An old guy in Lohawat, Jodhpur, whose videos went viral on social media as “Bhangaaar Leveno Hai Thore” (Do you want to buy some waste?), died by suicide on Sunday after hanging himself in front of people on a tree. He earned his livelihood by collecting and selling plastic bottles and other waste products, as well as carrying the entire collection on a cart.

People walking by were stunned and instead of saving him, a few teenagers fled the scene as he hung the noose over his neck. Before the incident, some teenagers were spotted harassing him by constantly calling him “Bhangaaar Leveno Hai.”

Disturbed by such mockery, the old man abandoned his cart beside the Phalodi State Highway and climbed a tree to commit suicide. Some individuals had no idea what was going on, while others fled. The Lohawat police eventually came, but the elderly man had already died from suffocation. According to the documentation found on him, the dead was identified as Pratapram Chauhatan from Barmer.

A few months ago, a Japanese tourist named Meguni was touring Marwar with her pals. One day, they were going by and the elderly man was dragging his cart. When offered assistance, the old guy asked, “What do you want? Do you want to buy some waste?” The young people captured the exchange and shared it on social media. The video became viral, and every time the elderly man was seen, the youths mocked him and made reels. This hurt the old guy so much that he became depressed and did something terrible.