Members of Iranian gang who committed crimes by posing as fake policemen were arrested

DCP Rashi Dogra revealed at a news conference the Iranian gang that used to loot people in the Manak Chowk police station area of the capital Jaipur by acting as fake officers. Dogra said that a taxi driver and three gang members had been taken into custody. This gang used to act as police officers to rob individuals. Before the victim could get to the police station and recount his story, the gang would depart the area.

Dogra stated at the press conference that this step was made after reviewing more than 500 CCTV videos of the area and activating the informer system. He said that Sheikh Mukhtar, Mohammad Ali alias Sabir, Zulfiqar and Jitendra had been arrested. The accused have committed such crimes in many places.

On March 9, Sanchit Bagda registered a complaint at Manak Chowk police station that on March 8, he closed the shop and departed for home with two diamond pieces and 50,000 rupees in a bag. On his way to Paratani, four persons stopped him and identified themselves as police officers. After engaging him in conversation, they took away both the diamonds and the 50,000 rupees from the bag.

Currently, these suspects have confessed to a dozen crimes. The crime, which occurred in the Manak Chowk Thane area, had four accused. He stated that the accused are now being questioned and more revelations may be made in the future.