Massive fire broke out in a computer factory in Jaipur, no loss of life

On Tuesday evening, a massive fire broke out in a factory that manufactures computer parts, causing panic in the city’s Vishwakarma Industrial Area (VKI). The fire spread over 1,500 square metres, and at least 20 fire tenders were there to deal with it. There were no fatalities recorded in the incident, and the company’s owners would investigate the items that had been destroyed.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, according to police, when several employees of the factory saw smoke coming from the area. Afterwards, the factory was destroyed by fire, but everyone inside was able to evacuate.

“The fire was doused almost after 2.5 hours. No loss of life was reported as per the information given by the employees of the factory. After the fire is doused, the fire rescue team will search the entire area,” stated Rajendra Sharma, station house officer at Vishwakarma police station.

Nearly 20 fire tender trucks made almost 60 runs to calm the massive fire. The fire was so bad that it was difficult to enter the facility. The firemen worked tirelessly to extinguish the fire inside the factory. The fire claimed no lives. However, items worth thousands of rupees were burned to ash.