Massive blast at gun shop leaves two dead in Udaipur

A huge incident has been reported in Udaipur, Rajasthan, where a massive explosion occurred suddenly in a gun shop. The explosion was so powerful that it caused panic among those nearby. During that time, cracks emerged in both the shop’s strong doors and the surrounding shops. Furthermore, two persons were killed in the accident. At the moment, the big question is how such a massive negligence happened.

A blast occurred in a gun shop in Udaipur’s sub-city centre, causing chaos. This incident resulted in two deaths on the spot. After receiving information about the blast, the Hiranmagri police station rushed to the location. Also, given the seriousness of the situation, senior police officials arrived at the scene and got information about the incident from those there.

There are reports that the explosion was so powerful that a nearby home cracked. Both the window and the front door of the shop were blown to pieces. However, no substantial evidence has been found as to why this explosion occurred. The police have brought the bodies of both victims to MB Hospital.