Man arrested for duping person of Rs 25 lakh in Jaipur

Mamraj Godara, a notorious fraudster, was arrested by the Jaipur police on Monday due to his suspected involvement in a scam involving Rs 25 lakh. According to the Vidhyadhar Nagar police investigation, the accused—who was renowned for his cunning ways—would trick people into sending big amounts of money, only to disappear with the loot.

Godara and his accomplices organized a complex scheme involving SIM cards and mobile phones registered under fake identities in Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar, making it impossible for the police to locate them.

During the arrest, all of these cell phones and SIM cards were found by the police.

Godara had even paid his sister’s Rs 10 lakh dowry with some of the stolen money. It is shocking to discover that his family members assisted him in carrying out his goals and took part in his illegal actions.

The investigation got underway on May 24, according to DCP North Rashi Dogra Dudi, when victim Babulal Sharma reported the scam to the Vidyadhar Nagar police station. Sharma’s daughter planned to transfer Rs 25 lakh to buy an apartment in Mumbai. Through a friend, Sharma became connected with a man operating by the name of Vijay Sharma, whose true identity is Vijay Singh.

Vijay attracted Babulal with the promise of a swift bank transfer in three to four hours. Babulal trusted him and gave Rs 25 lakh to a man named Lalit, who turned out to be Mamraj. After giving him the money, Vijay Sharma facilitated a conversation between Babulal and Lalit, ensuring that the money would arrive within two to three hours. However, both of their phones were turned off shortly afterwards, leading Babulal to file a complaint.