Jaipur police solve a murder case but yet to identify the victim

In the history of crimes reported by the city police, this particular case is unique. The culprit in a murder case has been identified and the perpetrator apprehended, but the name of the victim is still unknown.

Currently, a special task force and a group of sketch artists are searching for the victim’s relatives.

DCP (West) Amit Kumar stated that in 2022, the body of an unnamed young lady was found on Kalwar Road, with her face mutilated beyond recognition.

On June 5, as part of their investigation into a separate homicide case, police arrested four people, one of which was a woman, identified as Manisha Kanak (35), Asha Ram (50), Rahul Agarwal (30) and Sunil Swami (30). The investigation revealed that the accused operated a prostitution ring and brutally killed two women who resisted sexual assault. Among the victims were an unnamed lady from Kalwar Road and another from the Kardhani area.  One of the victims, whose corpse was discovered in Kardhani, was successfully recognized by the police, who were able to link her to the illicit prostitution network. But they are still unable to identify the second woman, the faceless victim from Kalwar Road.

Speaking to TOI, Kumar stated that the forensic matching of samples taken from the women’s clothing helped the police to identify the accused in the Kalwad murder.