Jaipur: Mother-daughter fight over mobile in Jaipur, daughter dies

A mother and daughter got into a fight over a cell phone in the capital’s Bindayaka police station area. After being struck by a heavy item during the fight, the girl passed away. In the fight, the mother was also hurt. The woman is receiving treatment at the hospital after being hospitalized. The deceased girl’s body has been kept in the mortuary. The deceased has been identified as Nikita. The incident happened in the Bindayaka police station area’s Mundiyaramsar village. The police have opened an investigation and filed a murder case.

As per Bindayaka police station officer Bhajanlal, on Monday, a young woman and her mother were found lying in a blood-soaked home under construction in Mundiyaramsar village, Bindayaka police station area. Both were taken to the hospital, where the doctor declared the young girl dead. The woman is being treated. The young woman has been identified as Nikita. A family conflict led to the young woman’s death.

The family had a fight since Monday morning. However, the reasons for the murder are not yet clear. The police have filed a murder charge and begun an investigation.

There are reports that the girl used to chat on the phone all the time. Mother and daughter got into an argument over talking on the phone. The mother was stopping her daughter from talking on the phone. The argument became heated on this point. During the fight, the mother attacked her daughter with a hefty item. The daughter also attacked her mother. During this, the daughter died as a consequence of injuries. The mother suffered an injury.

Following this, an attempt was made to hide the murder by making it look like a suicide. During the interrogation of the deceased’s mother, she stated that her daughter attempted suicide, although no marks of any sort were found on her neck.