Jaipur man puts ‘price tags’ on foreign women tourists, police takes action

The Jaipur Police have filed a complaint against a guy after a video surfaced on social media showing him harassing female visitors for Instagram videos.

There has been lots of criticism and condemnation over the incident. Vinod Meena, the accuser, is a native of Bhavpura village. He uses his Instagram account @guru__brand0000. He uploaded many videos to the account where he was seen harassing women and making derogatory remarks about them at Jaipur’s renowned Amer Fort.

The accused claimed to foreign women visitors in one of the videos, “They (foreign women tourists) are available for Rs 150.” Pointing to a different woman, he went on, “She is available for Rs 150, she is for Rs 200, you can get her for Rs 500 and this one is for Rs 300.” The woman continued to wave at the camera, clearly not understanding Hindi.

According to the police, the video was taken in April of this year, and the accused posed as a local guide to visitors, then pressured them to make purchases at specific stores. Prior to this incident, he was physically beaten by a bunch of boys in the Amer Fort.

In a post on X, the Jaipur Police said, “A reel is going viral on the internet through Instagram, in which the police took strict action against the accused who touched some foreign female tourists, behaved indecently and made baseless false statements.”

The statement further reads, “During the investigation it was found that the accused used to force the tourists to buy the goods from his own designated shops.”