Jaipur Collector Prakash Rajpurohit’s car met with an accident, hit by a trailer

Jaipur district magistrate and collector Prakash Rajpurohit, who holds additional charge of Dudu district, barely survived an accident when his vehicle was hit by a trailer near Dudu at about 12:30 pm on Friday, forcing it to careen onto the divider. The collector and his driver, Kamlesh Verma, escaped unharmed.

According to a police officer, the accident occurred when the collector’s car entered the service lane.

The vehicle got hit by a trailer from behind and had to stop on the divider. At the scene were Dudu ADM, SDM and local police officials. A replacement car was arranged and Rajpurohit continued his journey. The damaged vehicle and trailer involved in the incident were taken to the Dudu police station.

The trailer driver, Narayan, is presently being questioned by officials. Rajpurohit said he was unharmed.