Husband beat wife to death with hammer for leaving the house without informing anyone

A woman’s murder was reported 22 days ago to the Ramsagada police station in the Dungarpur district. In this case, the alleged spouse had recently been detained. In which he confesses his crime. He stated that he committed the crime by hitting his wife on the head with a hammer. After that, he got rid of the evidence and said she died from a fall in the bathroom.

Regarding the matter, Ramsagada police station is in charge. Gopalnath stated that the deceased’s grandfather Birbal filed a report with the police 22 days ago. In this, he stated that his granddaughter Lakshmi Labana’s in-laws are in Gamdi Ahada, where she died unexpectedly after falling in the bathroom. But he suspects her murder.

The police had filed a case on behalf of the grandfather and began an investigation into murder. Also, in the post-mortem report of the woman, there was no mention of injury due to falling from the bathroom. The police rejected the in-laws’ story for the woman’s death because the report said that it was caused by an attack on her head with an item.

The police first suspected Harish Ahada, the husband. When questioned, he tried to mislead the police by changing facts continually, but under strict interrogation, he admitted to his crime.