Former CM Ashok Gehlot raised questions regarding NEET UG Result

The National Testing Agency released the NEET Results 2024 on Tuesday. More than 13 lakh candidates have passed the NEET UG exam, with 67 securing one rank. A controversy started about how such a significant number of students topped the exam. Furthermore, the political situation surrounding this issue has begun to boil up.

In this regard, former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has urged an inquiry into the alleged irregularities in NEET. According to Gehlot, the Central Government and the NTA should take this seriously, investigate it and give justice to everybody.

He wrote on the social media platform ‘X’, “Candidates have raised suspicions of malpractice first regarding the NEET exam and now regarding its result. In the result, many children from the same centre got full marks, candidates with close roll numbers topped the exam and many such aspects are coming to light which strengthens the suspicions of malpractice in the exam. This is a question of the future of lakhs of children and the credibility of the medical profession, hence the Central Government and NTA should take it seriously, investigate it and ensure justice to all.”

The NTA agency explained on the X that because of disruptions during the conduct of the NEET exam on May 5, 2024, students were not provided enough time for it. In such a case, the students had made their point in court. Following this, on their petition, the Supreme Court granted them normalized marks, citing the decision issued on June 13, 2018. Due to mark normalization, these students received 718 and 719 out of 720.