Committee formed to investigate employees who got jobs in Gehlot government

Employees who got jobs using fake documents and dummy candidates will now legal action. The Personnel Department issued instructions to all departments. All workers who have had government employment during the previous five years will be investigated.

As per the Personnel Department, during the last five years, government employment has been secured through the use of fake paperwork and dummy candidates. The department formed a committee. The committee will now investigate whether the individual who obtained the job did it by taking the exam himself or by using a dummy candidate. All of their documents will be investigated.

SOG and police have taken action against people who passed multiple exams in Rajasthan by making dummy candidates sit. SOG had arrested three persons in this investigation. SOG arrested Arvind Kumar for having a dummy candidate sit in his place in the Staff Selection Board’s teacher and physical education teacher recruitment exams. To make a dummy candidate take Arvind’s seat, he had paid Rs 15 lakh.