Camel gets stuck in windscreen of car in Rajasthan; Video go viral

On Saturday night, in the Hanumangarh area of Rajasthan, a vehicle collided with a camel, trapping the animal for many hours. The animal, caught on the front side of the vehicle, is shown groaning in pain in a video of the event that has since been widely shared on social media.

According to police officers who spoke with India Today, the incident happened at about nine o’clock at night in the Nohar tehsil of the Hanumangarh district, near Bhukarka village. The driver hit a stray camel on the road while they were travelling toward Nohar and lost sight of it. The force of the impact caused the front glass to break, trapping the animal inside the vehicle.

A crane was sent to the accident place in order to free the animal. The animal then received care following an immediate visit from a veterinarian. The rescue of the camel caused a traffic jam on the road.

Following the accident, the driver had a few minor injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated with first aid before being discharged.

In the viral video, the animal can be seen trapped inside the vehicle with no way out. The video seems to have stunned several viewers.