Bulldozers ran on the hideout of a cyber thug in Rajasthan

Due to the rising number of cyber fraud cases in Deeg, Nagaur district, this area has become well-known around the country, ranking second only to Jamtara. Police from Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Mumbai and other states have gathered here to catch criminals and online fraudsters, with the assistance of local police.

In this case, IG Rahul Prakash started Operation ‘Anti Virus’ against cyber thugs, with Deeg SP Rajesh Kumar Meena operating on his directions. According to him, action is being taken against cyber thugs in Mewat by identifying their properties based on their background. On Tuesday, the action was taken in the village Baneni Dhokla, which is under the Sikri police station.

In this particular case, four shops were constructed on government land using money obtained through cybercrimes. These were found and destroyed with the assistance of JCB in the presence of DSP Ashish Prajapat, Sikri police station officer Mukesh and other administration officials.

Sikri police station officer Mukesh Kumar stated that Saad, the owner of the store, was recently arrested in connection with a cyber fraud case. Right now, he’s jailed. This action was carried out as part of Operation ‘Anti Virus’, in which cyber fraudsters’ homes and properties would be located and demolished soon.