Brother stole 1.50 crore rupees from sister’s house in Sikar

In Sikar’s Khatu Shyam area, police are searching for a man who stole Rs 1.5 crore from his sister’s home. His partner was caught with a bag full of cash close to Renwal, Jaipur. To count the notes, the police had to use a machine.

The burglary happened late on Monday night at farmer Bansiram’s house. Vikas was the brains behind the crime, according to CI Rajaram of the Khatu Shyam police station. Vikas knew that his sister had recently sold a piece of land.

Vikas stormed into his sister’s home with three partners, stole over Rs 1.5 crore in cash, and fled on a bike.

The Renwal police stopped them during their nighttime raid when they noticed four suspicious-looking young males. Three got away, but one was caught with the money bag. During questioning, the man who had been arrested, Manoj Raigar, admitted that Vikas was the mastermind behind the heist.

CI Rajaram stated, “The bag was filled with bundles of 500-rupee notes. Upon seeing the patrolling police in Renwal, the culprits panicked and started fleeing, leaving the bag behind.”

The victim, Bansiram, filed a complaint and a FIR was registered. Manoj Raigar has been arrested and is being taken to the Khatu Shyam police station for further questioning.