Best places to have food in Jaipur

Jaipur, the Pink City is has a variety of foods to offer ranging from dal-baati-churma to laal maas, keema baati, ghewar and kulfi. Food today has become more about savouring the cultural experience.

Listed below are some places in Jaipur which you can visit if you want to have the taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

1. Golgappa at Chawla’s and Nand’s

Also known as puchka or pani puri, Golgappe are everyone’s favourite! The best place to have golgappe in Jaipur is at Nand’s and Chawla’s. These two are actually competitor stalls standing next to each other on Fashion street.

2. Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Pyaz Kachori is a must try if you’re crazy about the Rajasthani cuisine. The most popular place in Jaipur for Pyaz Kachori is Rawat Mishthan Bhandar. Apart from Pyaz Kachori, they have 50 other varieties of sweets.

3. Indian Street Food at Masala Chowk

Masala Chowk is an all in one place for street food lovers. It’s basically a food paradise and has a lot of shops offering all types of cuisines. This place has an entry ticket of only ₹10.

4. Kaathi Roll at Al Bake

More popularly known as Chicken Paradise, Al Bake is the perfect food spot for chicken lovers. They have every variety of chicken from shawarma to tikka. This place is more popular for Kathi Roll and is located on the MI Road.

5. Pav Bhaji at Pandit’s

If you’re a Pav Bhaji lover then this place is just for you. Located near Birla Mandir, this place is said to seve the best Pav Bhaji and that too at a very nominal price in the whole city.

6. Chicken Tikka at Sethi Bar-Be-Que

Jaipur is a city famous for Laal maas and chicken tikka. If you love chicken then there’s no place better than Bar-Be-Que for you. It is situated at Raja Park and has a total dhaba atmosphere. The Lahsooni Chicken Tikka and Haryali Chicken Tikka are famous of this place.