Angry locals set a bus on fire after the death of a man by accident in Hanumangarh

A public transport vehicle crushed a middle-aged biker in Makkasar village, Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan, on Friday morning, causing chaos. Angry locals destroyed all of the bus’s windows. A video of the incident has also surfaced, showing the bus burning in the middle of the road.

Balkar Singh, a middle-aged man, was reported to be riding his bicycle home. Meanwhile, a public transport vehicle came at high speeds and smashed the rider. Following this, anger spread among the crowd gathered at the scene. People panicked and called the police, but no one arrived for quite some time, thus the situation got worse. After the passengers got off, the angry passengers destroyed the bus’s glass and set it on fire.

The angry people claim that the Junction Police Station is only three kilometers from Makkasar. Despite this, the police administration took a long time to arrive at the scene, which angered the people, who set fire to the bus. At the moment, people are sitting on a dharna and keeping the dead corpse on the road, and the police administration is trying to convince the angry crowd. However, public outrage has not decreased. Senior police officials have arrived and are attempting to calm the crowd.