Ajmer court dismisses Jolly LLB-3 actors’ plea; Court schedules next hearing for July 5

On Monday, the Ajmer magisterial court denied the application of actors Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi, the divisional railway manager (DRM), and the producer of the movie Jolly LLB-3, who wanted to halt the ongoing proceedings regarding the case filed by the Ajmer Bar association. The next hearing is set for July 5 after the court ruled that the respondents’ objections were not admissible at this juncture.

According to Chandra Bhan Singh Rathore, president of the Ajmer Bar Association, the petition claimed that the film portrayed lawyers as fighting for fees and damaged the reputation of the judiciary.

Following a hearing on the respondents’ case on Monday, the court dismissed both the application and the objections submitted by the actors, the film producer, and the railways. The court ruled that the bar association’s petition was legally valid and warrants a hearing.