AEN took off his pants in front of villagers in Sikar; Here’s what happend

On Saturday, a strange incident occurred when AEN Arjun Singh, who was hired on a contract, removed his pants in front of the locals during the construction of the government community building, which is being built in the the village of Bibipur Bada near Fatehpur town at a cost of five crore 35 lakh rupees. The villagers called the Sadar police and locked AEN Arjun Singh in a room because they were upset with his actions. Afterwards, Sadar ASI Harlal Singh reached there with force and took the AEN out of the room.

Bibipur Chota Sarpanch representative Sushil Chotiya told that a Shaheed Sainik Arjun Singh Government Community Health Center is being built in the village for 5 crore 35 lakhs. NRHM is constructing this building, and the construction contract has been given to Pradeep Jangid of Jhunjhunu.

The villagers claim that the construction materials are of low quality and that the construction is being carried out with just mud in between. Even after the protest, when work continued using insufficient building materials, the villagers contacted officials, and Arjun Singh, who works on contract in NRH, arrived at the site and had an argument with the locals. During this, the AEN removed his pants. in front of everyone. Angered by this awful act, the villagers locked AEN Arjun Singh in a room. After getting information about the incident, police arrived at the scene and took the AEN out.