Action in Jaipur after Rajkot incident in Gujarat, 6 game zones seized

Following a major fire at a gaming zone in Rajkot, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater carried out a surprise check of gaming zones around the city on Sunday.

Six gaming zones at a Jhotwara mall were sealed by the municipal corporation on Sunday after an investigation revealed that fire safety rules were not being followed. JMC Greater officials said that eight of the city’s gaming zones had been inspected.

During this time, major irregularities were found in six different gaming zones in Jhotwara. The gaming zones that were sealed on Sunday lacked a fire NOC and sufficient firefighting equipment.

A senior official said, “Plastic, paper and thermocol along with wood were used in large quantities. There were not enough resources to extinguish the fire. After this, our team has seized all these. Now our team will inspect different places on Monday as well. Strictest action can be taken against people who commit any kind of irregularity and negligence.”

A short circuit caused a fire at TRP Game Zone in Rajkot, which claimed 32 lives, most of them children. Social media influencers were hired for publicity. Firefighters, ambulances, and the fire department all responded.