5-Year-Old Falls in 40 feet deep crevice, rescued safely 

On Tuesday morning, in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, a 5-year-old child fell into a 40-foot deep hole near a boring. As soon as the information was received, the SDM and DCP arrived at the scene with the squad, leading to the safe rescue of the child Golu within two and a half hours. As soon as the boy came out, he was sent to the hospital by ambulance, where doctors completed his primary checkup and discharged him.

Following this, the administration team safely delivered the kid to his family. During this time, the family members’ expressions were filled with joy, and they expressed gratitude to the administration for their prompt action. The entire squad was on the scene during the rescue mission.

Food and drink were provided to the kid because of the heat. Many people had gathered at the location, heaving a sense of relief when Golu came out.