5 Rajasthani desserts that are a must-try

Rajasthani food reflects its royal history and culture. The locals want their meals to be hot and full of spice, while their sweets are sweet and sinful – there is nothing in between. Following a heavy and spicy dinner, people usually seek something highly sweet to satisfy their palates.

Here are 5 Rajasthani desserts that are a must-try

Doodhiya Kheench

Doodhiya Kheench is a famous wheat porridge in Rajasthan, said to have originated in Udaipur. It is similar to rabdi and tastes best when prepared on a sigdi (angithi) using a degchi (copper utensil).


Another name for this deliciously soft, chewy delicacy is Mohanthal or Besan ki Chakki. Usually, it is prepared for occasions like celebrations and weddings. Dilkushar is a difficult mithai to master, usually made with coarsely ground gram flour (besan).

If you love Rajasthani petha, you’ll also enjoy some of its other sweet treats, such as the classic Chhena Malpua. This Rajasthani dessert, made with fresh paneer, tastes best with saffron syrup and chopped pistachios and almonds as a garnish.

You can’t leave Rajasthan without sampling the world-famous Mawa Kachori. Kachoris are known to be savoury, but this special Rajasthani sweet version will undoubtedly satisfy you! Jodhpur’s Mawa Kachori is one of the best things to eat in Rajasthan, with a delectable filling of creamy ghee-flavored mawa, crunchy dried fruits and just the right amount of sugar.

Rabri Ghevar

In Rajasthan, ghevar is a traditional sweet dish that is enjoyed at festivities. The dessert ghevar looks like a disc and can be topped with rabdi, malai, mawa and many other delicious ingredients. Refined flour, desi ghee, milk, cardamom powder, saffron and sugar are the ingredients.