5 Arrested For Chopping Nose Of Youth in Jaisalmer

On Monday, in the Sankra region of Jaisalmer, a border district of Rajasthan, some individuals beat assaulted and cut a young man’s nose before fleeing. Jaisalmer SP Vikas Sangwan took swift action in this case, and the police revealed the crime of assaulting and cutting the nose before arresting five offenders.

On May 28, Aaban Khan, son of Saradin, a resident of Kolu Tala Dublapar, Ramgarh, who is presently receiving treatment at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Jodhpur, revealed in an official statement that he had been working for around three months at the Ekme Company Solar Plant Sanawada. On May 27, at around 2 p.m., he drove to Sankada in a car to pick up goods from Ekme Company Sanawada. He was accompanied by Dose Khan, the son of Khamishe, and Nasar Khan, the son of Dose Khan.

When he left the company and arrived near Sanawada village, they parked a car in front of his vehicle and another behind it. They put one car in front of his two Bolero camper vans and hit his vehicle from behind with the other. Hayat Khan, Taje Khan’s son, a native of Saknay Dublapar Ramgarh, and three or four other persons came out of those two Bolero camper vehicles with their faces covered. Hayat Khan sliced his nose with a knife.

Given the seriousness of the case, police teams began hunting for the culprits and, with technical assistance, arrested five people suspected of assaulting and cutting their noses. In the case, police arrested Hayat Khan, Taje Khan’s son; Hafiz Khan, Taje Khan’s son; Inayat Khan, Taje Khan’s 35-year-old son; Dilbar Khan, Alf Khan’s son; and Pathan Khan, Yaru Khan’s son.