4 pilgrims from Rajasthan killed in Reasi terror attack

Nine persons have been identified as the victims of the horrific terrorist attack on a bus carrying pilgrims in the Reasi region of Jammu and Kashmir. The victims include four from Rajasthan and three from Uttar Pradesh. Terrorists opened fire on the bus around 6:10 p.m. on Sunday, forcing it to turn off the route and fall into a high valley close to Teryath village in the Poni region.

Two bus drivers from Reasi district, Vijay Kumar from Dasanoo Rajbagh village and Arun Kumar from Kandera village in Katra, were among those who died.

The victims from Uttar Pradesh were Shivam Gupta, Ruby and 14-year-old Anurag Verma; the victims from Rajasthan were named as Rajinder Prasad Pandey Sawhney, Mamta Sawhney, Pooja Sawhney and her two-year-old son Titu Sawhney.

41 people between the ages of three and fifty suffered injuries in the incident, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Reasi) Vishesh Paul Mahajan. Ten of them had gunshot wounds, but they are now in stable condition following surgery.

The injured are being treated at many hospitals: nine are being treated at the district hospital in Reasi, nine at the Government Medical College in Jammu and fourteen at Narayana Hospital.

34 people from Uttar Pradesh, 5 from Delhi and 2 from Rajasthan are among the injured. The dead are being transported to their different states through arrangements made by the district administration.