32 injured after drunk driver rams bus into a truck parked on Bharatpur-Dholpur road

A sleeper coach bus crashed with a truck parked on the roadside near the village of Nagla Janghi on the Bharatpur-Dholpur route. The accident left around 32 persons wounded. After receiving the information, the police arrived on the scene and sent all of the injured to the district RBM hospital by ambulance, where they are now being treated. Two of the 32 persons who suffered injuries are in critical condition. They are being treated in the ICU at RBM Hospital.

The District Collector visited the hospital, inquired about the injured’s well-being, and directed doctors to provide better care. The majority of the people were asleep at the time of the accident. It is believed that the driver fell asleep, losing control and causing the collision. However, passengers on the bus claimed that the driver and conductor were drunk. As a result, the bus lost control and crashed into a vehicle.

Late at night, District Collector Dr. Amit Yadav arrived at the District RBM Hospital as soon as he received information about the incident. There, he spoke with the accident victims, asked how they were, and instructed the doctors to provide the best treatment.

Deepak, a bus passenger, stated that the sleeper bus was travelling from Gwalior to Jaipur. Furthermore, the bus’s driver and conductor were both drunk. As a result, the bus lost control and slammed into a truck parked by the wayside. The victims injured in this accident are from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.