2-year-old child killed by panther in Rajsamand

Another incident of panther attack has surfaced in Jodhpur’s Machia Safari Park following the hunting of thirteen blackbucks. A two-year-old child has been taken away by a panther in Rajsamand. The incident occurred late Wednesday night and was found on Thursday morning when the family was unable to find the child in the home. Then everyone started looking for him around. After several hours of searching, the child’s head was found lying in the bushes.

The deceased’s family members, who live in Modwa Panchayat of Delwara police station, stated that the innocent child was sleeping in the house’s courtyard. Late at night, a panther came and snatched him away while he was sleeping. There was no noise throughout that time, thus they learned about the incident only when they woke up in the morning.

As per rajasthan.ndtv.in, the family members also said, “It seems that the panther has taken the torso of the innocent child with itself to a deserted area. We have informed the forest department about this, after which a team has come here and is investigating. The villagers had also complained about the movement of the panther two days ago, but the panther was not caught.”

Let us remind you that a panther earlier hunted 13 black deer at Jodhpur’s Machia Safari Park, causing outrage and protests, blaming the forest department for negligence.